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    and Compliance Center!


    This Center is a learning and resource hub created by FDRA and ELEVATE with the goal of improving social and environmental compliance in footwear supply chains, as well as providing in-depth data, insights and analysis on global footwear production and material costs.


    As part of the center, FDRA and ELEVATE have made available an array of eLearning lessons to facilitate capacity building at the brand, supplier, and factory level. The center also functions as a distribution hub for various sourcing and compliance-related resources and event information.


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  • eLearning: Online Compliance Training

    The Center's eLearning program provides a scalable, standardized and cost effective approach for

    delivering introductory social and environmental performance training to factories, suppliers and brands.

    Administrators can also keep tabs on the eLearning progress of their factory groups.


    What makes our eLearning different? We use animated courses that incorporate local language voiceovers,

    interactive elements, and graded quizzes. To date, our lessons have been completed more than 100,000 times!


    Check out the trailer for our new Forced Labor course:

  • Course Library

    Over 12 hours of training content in multiple languages is available for brands/retailers, suppliers and factories.

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  • Resources

    2016 Factory Survey

    Report & Infographic

    To better understand the complexity and dynamics of footwear production, FDRA in partnership with ELEVATE, invited footwear manufacturers to participate in the association’s annual survey. As in previous years, the goal of the survey was to gain insight into the current state of footwear production in China and other emerging manufacturing countries and to develop a better understanding of how factories are managing the various challenges facing the industry including materials, its workforce, and how they view global competition.


    View the infographic

    or read the full report

    Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturer

    Factories that meet and exceed FDRA's code of conduct are nominated for consideration as a designated “Responsible Footwear Factory Manufacturer”. Those chosen will be listed below and are awarded FDRA’s special seal. FDRA members should note these factories are top of their class and will enjoy this recognition for two years.


    View the current FDRA Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturers


    See the FAQ sheet in English and Chinese.


    Nominate your factory:

    Download the nomination form


    Footwear Production

    Code of Conduct

    FDRA has established a common, baseline, code of conduct that will help drive uniformity within the footwear industry and uphold the values and ideals commonly held by FDRA members. FDRA’s Code of Conduct was created with the help and input from the Factory Enhancement and Sourcing Committee, FDRA’s social compliance working group, and the industry as a whole.


    Download the full code of conduct in

    English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish


    Who's Adopted the Code?


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    US Footwear Imports

    A real-time report tracking global footwear imports by quantity, value, duties paid, and average unit price. Each month, FDRA collects and analyzes footwear imports (including fashion, kids, boots, and athletic shoes) into the U.S. for its members.


    View the latest import data


    Footwear Material Costs

    A snapshot on footwear related inputs and components including: cotton, leather, textiles, syntheics, rubber, and oil. Each month, FDRA analyzes global exchanges in order to help companies to better understand and forecast supply chain costs.


    View the latest Material Cost Report


    Wage Map

    FDRA and ELEVATE have produced a wage map to provide some labor transparency. Sourcing directors and compliance managers can use the map to identify trends and compare the wage levels in their factories with those of other factories in the same cities.


    View the interactive map

    EU Footwear

    Monthly Newsletter

    FDRA produces a monthly newsletter on the European footwear marketplace - including an economic snapshot, footwear sales, key news and updates, and imports for Europe.


    View the most recent newsletters

    Sourcing & Compliance Monthly Newsletter

    FDRA produces a monthly newsletter on current factory, supply chain and sourcing issues - including import data, news and trends seen by experts and industry veterans.


    View the most recent newsletters

    FDRA Working

    Group Portal

    Get Involved! FDRA invites all members to participate in its working groups where FDRA holds quarterly conference calls on hot topics and helps the industry collaborate on issues.


    Access the working group homepage

  • Events

    Networking, Learning and Growing Together

    FDRA Asia Summit / Shenzhen, China

    June 21, 2017


    Last year, 150 factory owners and managers, agents and sourcing directors for global brands attended FDRA’s annual factory summit in China. This one-day event takes a deep dive into factory challenges from wages, working conditions, sourcing quality materials, compliance with complex product safety laws, and productivity. There are presentations from top footwear executives, who share their insights into current changes and opportunities. Last year, executives from Payless, Caleres, Li & Fung, Fila, and other major footwear companies presented and spoke on panels.

    FDRA Sourcing Summit / New York, NY

    July 24-25, 2017


    125 of the footwear industry’s top sourcing and social compliance executives and directors gather at this summit to discuss global footwear production challenges and solutions. Topics include factory compliance, productivity, automation, production shifts and changes, labor challenges, risks and best practices. Past speakers include sourcing executives from Wolverine Worldwide, Steve Madden, Caleres, Fila, Payless, Under Armour, Target, and Deer Stags.

    ELEVATE Leadership Series


    Supply chains can be complex, dynamic and difficult to navigate. This challenge requires advanced analytics that fuel insights, anticipate risks and opportunities, and enable timely and impactful decision-making. ELEVATE is leading the industry beyond the paradigm of reactive social and environmental compliance to a more predictive beyond-audit landscape. Our Leadership Series will introduce concepts to future proof supply chains, present emerging trends, and outline practical measures for designing effective supply chain programmes.

    ELEVATE Webinars


    ELEVATE hosts a series of free webinars throughout the year to showcase industry leading insight and analysis and to support brands and retailers in their mission of managing social and environmental compliance in their supply chains. Past webinars have covered topics like vendor management, transparency and grievance mechanisms.

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  • Stats & Figures

    2.35 billion

    Pairs imported into the U.S. in 2016


    pairs per American imported in 2016

    25 million

    Pairs Produced in the U.S. in 2016

    $2.8 Billion

    duties paid on U.S. footwear imports

    $77.3 billion

    Total U.S. Consumer Spending (YOY)


    Footwear jobs in America